Gripedo - Pitcher Arm Longevity Aid

A Maximum Velocity Sports exclusive new training aid designed for pitchers but also increases arm/forearm strength for all baseball players. This is the only product on the market that focuses on the most critical muscles to protect players arms for longevity. 
  • Gripedo is a grip and arm training device that is versatile and designed to give athletes an edge. 
  • The gripedo trainer comes with a 5/8 hitch pin if you want to perform the deadlift to lift plates gripping the 4 inch ball.
  • Improves strength, spin rate and increases your velocity
  • Also works to develop wrist/forearm muscles for increasing bat speed.

Check out the video below by former Big Leaguer Matt Antonelli. Mike has received no monetary gain for his review of this new product. 

Regan Wong, physical therapist for the Texas Rangers using the Gripedo for his MLB pitchers.

 Gripedo for forearm/wrist strengthening



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