Maximum Velocity Sports - Half Rubber - Baseball Hitting Aid

    A Maximum Velocity Sports Exclusive Product that will Maximize your athletic desires, when used as intended. Half Rubber is a rarely known hitters training tool that will create laser-focused hand-eye coordination to consistently square up baseballs and driving the ball hard and deep!
  • Train your batters to focus on the INSIDE HALF of the Ball or use 1 Ball for Curve Ball Hitting - check out the curve in that video
  • Throw 2 Halves together(Half Rubbers) - The Inside Half stays in the zone while the other half breaks away...Or just throw one at a time. 
  • Creates incredible hand-eye coordination while focusing on squaring up the INSIDE HALF of the Ball
  • Half Rubber is also a traditional game of the Carolina coast!

Half Rubber is an incredible baseball & softball live hitting training device. All you do is throw two of these half balls together(half rubbers) & the INSIDE Half of the Ball stays in the hitting zone, allowing the batter to focus on the inside half of the baseball. The other half ball breaks away out of the zone. Creates incredible focus by the hitter and trains them to focus on the INSIDE half of the ball and squaring up the ball. These balls can also be used to create live curveballs, sliders, sinkers & split-finger pitches. Hard to explain in a description but are an amazing training tool once you use them once. Tested and currently in the Maximum Velocity Sports arsenal of elite training aids.