Polaritee - Magnetic STEM ONLY for Backspin Tees, Portable Multi Position Batting Tee

  • Adjustable from 18" to 43" with Multi-Position Placement
  • Magnetic Stem allows the hitter to move stem to whatever pitch location they want to train at. Baseball is roughly the size of home plate. 
  • 10 lb evenly distributed Heavy Base Plate that is glued to the ground. Most Durable, Most Stable and Portable of any batting tee. 
  • Receive the true feel of every batted ball with Polaritee's motionless tee. Maximize your tee work.
  • Pop off the magnetic stem, grab the plate handle and this protable tee will fit easily into the smallest of cars or areas
  • Lifetime Warranty on all components of this tee. This is the last tee you will ever need to buy.