Tanner Tees FlexTop Replacement

  • Hands down the industry standard in batting tee tops, composed of the best combination of FLEXIBLE and TOUGH rolled rubber
  • We've been hand rolling FlexTops with our signature flap for over 20 years, there's nothing like hitting a baseball or softball off a Tanner Tee
  • Your bat flies through the contact point with the least interference so you feel the ball at contact not the tee
  • FlexTop gives feedback on bad repititions without harming your bat, and there's four inches of rolled rubber below the ball before the bat would contact the tee 


The FlexTop replacement is available for Tanner Tee Standard (26-43"), Tanner Tee-Short (20-32") and the Custom Short (16-23") Tanner Tee.  Please select the size and quantity of each Tanner FlexTop you need.  Installation instructions are available to download by clicking the link below or watching the video above. If you have any questions regarding installation, please feel free to contact our office for assistance.  FlexTop replacements will fit onto all Tanner Tees.


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