Backspin Pro Model 2.0 Heavy Tee

Angle Attachment (Pro Model ONLY)

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The only batting tee in the world that features an inverted tee to train the eyes to focus on the most important part of the baseball: the bottom-middle half.

  Pro Model Backspin Tee:

  • "NEW" Hand screw mechanism that dampens vibrations when hit while allowing infinite adjustability
  • Angle chart graphic on base plate that shows proper launch angles for line drives
  • Threaded connection that holds baseball/softball cones
  • Double wrapped flexible cones
  • Heavy base cone added for extra weight
  • Seamless Height adjustability from 18″ to 48″
  • Made of a stronger steel
  • Pro Models weigh 18 lbs. Great stability on all surfaces

Add the Elite Angle Attachment to Attack all Launch Angles

Fact: The true center of the ball is lower after being thrown. The ball is coming down with gravity. Pictured above is a 90 mph fastball for your comparison.

Note: The stationary middle of the ball (what most people think is the middle) will never lead to line drives over the infield. The bottom half of a stationary ball actually includes the actual middle of the ball.

On Path, Bottom Half.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Nice and heavyweight base

Simple enough to set up. Adjusting attachment always ball placement anywhere in the zone. Does improve ball flight - line drives.

Backspin Tee has got it figured out!

This tee instantaneously got my kids to stop hitting ground balls and immediately started hitting more line drives and hard-hit balls to the outfield. Want to separate yourself from the competition...get a backspin tee and see for yourself!


Fast delivery received no issues.

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