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The Backspin Tee is the only batting tee in the world that features an inverted tee to train the eyes to focus on the most important part of the baseball: the bottom-middle half.

 Pro Model Backspin Tee:

  • The Backspin Tee will make you focus on the bottom half of the baseball
  • Hitting the bottom half of the baseball will lead to more doubles, triples & home runs.
  • Industrial strength clamping mechanism that dampens vibrations when hit while allowing infinite adjustability
  • Angle chart graphic on base plate that shows proper launch angles for line drives
  • Threaded connection that holds baseball/softball cones
  • Double wrapped flexible cones
  • Heavy base cone added for extra weight
  • Height adjustability from 18″ to 48″
  • Made of stronger steel
  • Pro Models weigh 18 lbs. Great stability on all surfaces.

Advanced Angle Attachment (Pro & PRO LITE Models ONLY)

PRO-LITE Model Backspin Tee: 

  • Push button system that allows for easy adjustability
  • 4 adjustable heights (20″, 28″, 34″, 40″)
  • Double wrapped flexible cones
  • 6 lb baseplate


Customer Reviews

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Great Training Tool!

My 9 year old son loves it. Teaches him to hit the bottom half of the ball.

Backspin Tee

Seems to be well built, but haven’t used it much to date. Hitters adjust quickly and produce more line drives.