Chute Trainer 5-10 mph bat speed enhancer in less than 1 minute...GUARANTEED!

It’s Resistance Training Without The Weight!

A must have for anyone trying to improve their game, the Chute Trainer is a simple baseball swing trainer that uses a Velcro attachment to easily strap on any baseball or softball bat and a “chute” to catch air and provide muscle strengthening resistance.  Instead of using weighted donuts or using two bats, use it to warm up prior to batting to increase bat speed and power while improving batting mechanics and muscle memory. Just 6 to 10 swings will increase bat speed 5 to 10 mph adding power, increasing swing and hand speed, and resulting in longer ball distance.

The Chute Trainer strengthens muscles and promotes a proper bat swing sequence.  Train with it several times a week to build core muscle strength and become a power hitter.  The benefits of this new product are huge! The Chute Trainer is a lightweight portable swing trainer and can be used anywhere quickly and easily. Works for all ages, genders and abilities.  For the money, there is nothing else like it and similar products cost as much as $199 or more. Made in USA. Thirty day money back guarantee and FREE lifetime warranty.