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Launch Angle Pro - the first affordable

Launch Angle Training Aid

  • LAUNCH ANGLE PRO - USER GUIDE - PDF -Click to view

  • TRAIN WITH A PURPOSE - specific tee training but at a whole new level -The Patent Pending Launch Angle Pro sets up in seconds next to any baseball or softball tee and provides instantaneous feedback. Dial-in your launch angle to start maximizing your tee work. You will now be training with a targeted reference point to powerize your batting practice consistently.
  • FIX YOUR SWINGS FLAWS - you will LEARN how to be a power hitter. To LAUNCH a ball correctly you will learn how to maximize your swing path to get the proper LAUNCH ANGLE that works for your swing. You will consistently keep your barrel in the swing zone and get more powerful "SWEET SPOT" hits. The LAUNCH ANGLE PRO is THE ONLY Launch Angle Training Aid on the market that is affordable to train at specific Launch Angles.
  • LAUNCH ANGLE - dial in your Launch Angle from 0 degrees to 45 degrees. Our Launch Angle Dial is made of a special shatterproof co-polymer that rides in a special damping fluid and is virtually indestructible. LIFETIME WARRANTY on all parts.
  • FREE LAUNCH ANGLE PRO App - the ONLY app that will give you exit velocity + launch angle = Projected Distance & Time the ball is in the Air. Available on iOS & Android(available Nov-Dec 2019)
  • WHAT YOU WILL GET: Launch Angle Pro, Carrying Case, Battery & Charger & Free Launch Angle App

LAUNCH ANGLE PRO - What exactly is it? 

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Wow! Much cheaper then all these overpriced techy deivies!

My son instantaneously focused 100% better after adding this target with his launch angle. The app that comes with this is awesome! Just gives you a few numbers but that's all you need! you'll be having the best batting practice session in minutes and you don't need a degree to figure everything out. Literally 5 minutes and your hitting at your target.