Launch Angle Pro - Train at any Launch Angle - Maximum Velocity Sports
Launch Angle Pro - Train at any Launch Angle - Maximum Velocity Sports
Launch Angle Pro - Train at any Launch Angle - Maximum Velocity Sports
Launch Angle Pro - Train at any Launch Angle - Maximum Velocity Sports
Launch Angle Pro - Train at any Launch Angle - Maximum Velocity Sports
Launch Angle Pro - Train at any Launch Angle - Maximum Velocity Sports
Launch Angle Pro - Train at any Launch Angle - Maximum Velocity Sports
Launch Angle Pro - Train at any Launch Angle - Maximum Velocity Sports

Launch Angle - Line Drive Pro - Train at any Launch Angle

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Launch Angle Pro - the first affordable

Launch Angle Training Aid


  • TRAIN WITH A PURPOSE - specific tee training but at a whole new level -The Patent Pending Launch Angle Pro sets up in seconds next to any baseball or softball tee and provides instantaneous feedback. Dial-in your launch angle to start maximizing your tee work. You will now be training with a targeted reference point to powerize your batting practice consistently.
  • FIX YOUR SWINGS FLAWS - you will LEARN how to be a power hitter. To LAUNCH a ball correctly you will learn how to maximize your swing path to get the proper LAUNCH ANGLE that works for your swing. You will consistently keep your barrel in the swing zone and get more powerful "SWEET SPOT" hits. The LAUNCH ANGLE PRO is THE ONLY Launch Angle Training Aid on the market that is affordable to train at specific Launch Angles.
  • LAUNCH ANGLE - dial in your Launch Angle from 0 degrees to 45 degrees. Our Launch Angle Dial is made of a special shatterproof co-polymer that rides in a special damping fluid and is virtually indestructible. LIFETIME WARRANTY on all parts.
  • FREE LAUNCH ANGLE PRO App - the ONLY app that will give you exit velocity + launch angle = Projected Distance & Time the ball is in the Air. Available on iOS & Android(available Nov-Dec 2019)
  • WHAT YOU WILL GET: Launch Angle Pro, Carrying Case, Battery & Charger & Free Launch Angle App

LAUNCH ANGLE PRO - What exactly is it? 

Follow these steps, consistently, and you will become a more powerful and consistent hitter  

  1. You must know your exit velocity first to use this product correctly. If you do not know your exit velocity find someone with a radar gun to get it.(Smart Coach Radar by Pocket Radar will give Exit Velocity Swing by Swing. Without your exit velocity you have no idea how to train for improvement.

Smart Coach Radar - Pocket Radar

  1. Exit velocity should be measured regularly & at different pitch locations. Once you’ve gathered your consistent exit velocity move to step 3.
  2. Download the Launch Angle Pro App from the Apple or Android App store. Start plugging your exit velocity & launch angles  into the Free Launch Angle Pro app & start developing your hitting plan for this session. Carefully examine the ball distance you’ll reach at various launch angles & flight time of the ball. Flight time is very important!! You must consider flight time and whether a defensive player has enough time to make a play on your batted ball.

  3. Mark out the bottom & top launch angles you want to train at with your Launch Angle Pro target light. The size of the red target is adjustable from a small square to a large circle. Adjust your target size by pulling in & out on your beam light until you reach your desired size target.

In this picture below, the batters target is set to a 15-18 degree Launch Angle Range


5. Now it’s time to develop your batting practice session goal

What is your goal today?

• Line drive gap shots at 11-20 degree launch angles
• Hit more doubles & triples at 21-30 degree launch angles
• Launch Angles below 15 - work on squaring up the ball just making solid contact, the “hit the ball hard mentality.” This is a great drill to start with because before you can be an elite consistent hitter you need to be able to hit the ball hard first.
• Maybe you’re just working on increasing your exit velocity at a specific launch angle. *Smart Coach would be needed to work on increasing your exit velocity.*
• OR do you have an exit velocity of 90mph+? That’s home run launch angle time! Plug different launch angles into the Launch Angle Pro app to figure out your optimal launch angle.
• Work on hitting to opposite field. You probably have a different exit velocity when hitting opposite field and need to adjust appropriately.
• The combinations are endless but in the end, you are specifically training yourself to be a better overall hitter.
• As a guideline from MLB Statcast, here are the Launch Angles for different types of contact:
o Ground ball: Less than 10 degrees
o Line drive: 10-25 degrees
o Fly ball: 25-50 degrees
o Pop up: Greater than 50 degrees

6. Develop yourself as an elite athlete by practicing all different launch angles optimized for how YOU hit. Every hitter is different so it’s up to you to train yourself to maximize your hitting development. You will truly learn how to be a better hitter without an instructor. When YOU understand how YOUR body works YOU can then adjust yourself swing by swing!


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Ryan C
Great device

Would recommend for anyone trying to stop their youth athletes form hitting ground balls!

Marschall Flynn
Wish I came across this sooner!

Simple and very inexpensive launch angle training aid. Lightening fast shipping too!! Great job Max Velocity!

Robert Eckrich
High School Coach

Very useful and easy to use tool.

Robert Garcia
Wow! Much cheaper then all these overpriced techy deivies!

My son instantaneously focused 100% better after adding this target with his launch angle. The app that comes with this is awesome! Just gives you a few numbers but that's all you need! you'll be having the best batting practice session in minutes and you don't need a degree to figure everything out. Literally 5 minutes and your hitting at your target.

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