PitchTracker Baseball


PitchTracker Baseball, made up of the Smart Baseball and the PitchTracker Baseball App, revolutionizes Baseball with a comprehensive pitch analysis and charting system available right in the palm of your hand. See in-depth information previously available only with expensive hardware systems.

  • Regulation Spec
  • Full Grain Leather
  • 5 oz 9in
  • White leather, Green laces
  • Dedicated iPhone and iPad apps
  • Captures motion data in real-time and sends it to the free PitchTracker Baseball  iOS app via Bluetooth
  • Smart Baseball memory holds up to 64 pitches when mobile device not nearby
  • Track metrics such as Velocity, Spin Rate, Spin Direction, and More!

Purchase a Smart Baseball and download the dedicated iOS app for a free 14-day Premium Pitcher Baseball subscription.

Premium Pitcher Baseball subscriptions include access to additional PitchTracker Baseball features including:

  • Additional 10 metrics
  • Bullpen Setup
  • Complete Pitch History
  • Auto Pitch Type Classification
  • Ball Flight Capture Mode
  • Groups and Connections
  • And more!

PitchTracker Baseball is designed for use in pitching and the metrics important to that motion. Using it in an unintended way (i.e., collecting data in a non-pitching manner) may affect the accuracy of those metrics.

  • Shipment includes a Smart Baseball, charger, charging rings and quick start guide
  • Orders may be in process up to 1 business day before shipment  – please allow 2-4 business days for delivery depending on location. (U.S. destinations only)
  • All domestic orders (including Hawaii and Alaska) receive free shipping.

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