Power Up Wedge


• Activate Total Body Torque & Strength

• Increase Bat Speed & Consistency

• For Hitting, Pitching, & Fielding

• The most Versatile, Practical, Affordable, Performance Minded teaching and training device on today's market

• The Power Up Wedge immediately provides: Instantaneous Feel, Balance, Stability, Direction, Leverage, Torque and Power.

• The Power Up Wedge creates Muscle Memory, Strength, Bat Speed, Velocity, Consistency and Success!

• The Power Up Wedge enhances Hitting, Pitching, Throwing or Fielding and regardless of the player age or skill level.

• It will perform on most any surface while at home, on the field, in the gym, in the cage or bullpen. It can be taken anywhere and everywhere while being utilized in any skill work or any training scenario you can dream up.