PowerMaxx- Pitch by Pitch Analysis

How to use it...it's beyond simple

Watch Wade Davis dial in perfect pitch delivery timing

  • Any number from .300-.399 directly correlates to a perfectly timed pitch delivery & a 99% chance it will be a strike or extremely close to a strike.
  • Any Number below .300 means you are dragging your arm
  • Any Number above .400 means you are racing down the mound towards the plate and are not sitting enough in your legs
  • PowerMaxx is the only device on the market that enables you to coach your players or yourself literally pitch-by-pitch. All date syncs to your app and you can put your delivery side-by-side with an MLB Player

Check out the demonstration in this video


Using the Coaches Eye App:

1. Record your delivery

2. Save your video 

3. Run a frame-by-frame of your delivery compared to a MLB Player, as seen below


Patented Technology

  • Measures and gives feedback in real-time...pitch by pitch

  • Non-Tethered

  • Indoor/Outdoor Use

  • Immediate Feedback & Immediate Correction

  • Portable

  • Lightweight

  • Battery/Electrical/Computer Operated

  • Audio/Visual Output

  • Applicable to any and All Coaching styles

  • Measures two points that every pitcher achieves

  • Easy to use

  • Easy setup

  • Remote App with storage capability

  • The algorithm was developed over a 10 year period

  • Gives a Power/Efficiency Zone for Best results

  • Works well for softball pitchers too

  • May help lessen the incidence of Arm Injury


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