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The PowerMaxx Training System - Maximum Velocity Sports
Weighted Softballs | 8 Different Weights Included | 4 to 12 oz - Maximum Velocity Sports
16 Pack Practice Foam Golf Balls - Maximum Velocity Sports
The ChangeUp Circle Pitching Sysytem - Maximum Velocity Sports
Backspin Pro Model - ***All New 2024*** - Maximum Velocity Sports
Powernet Tri-Action Catch | Hand-Eye Coordination | Reflex Agility Aid - Maximum Velocity Sports
PowerNet Soccer Tennis Net - Maximum Velocity Sports
PowerNet Optimus Catcher's Bag - Maximum Velocity Sports
Powernet Leather Baseballs (12 pack) - Maximum Velocity Sports

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Improve Pitching Timing & Efficiency

Better understand sequencing, timing, and efficiency on the mound.

Generate More Velo
By training with PowerMaxx, a pitcher can achieve their max level of efficiency on the mound and throw harder, safely.
Reduce Exposure to Injury
By training to hit the target range, one can reduce exposure to shoulder and elbow problems from unnecessary stress & tension.
real-Time Feedback
By quantifying Pitcher Timing & Efficiency right on the system, PowerMaxx provides actionable visual and audio feedback in real time.
Indoor & Outdoor Use
The PowerMaxx is suitable for usage both indoors and outdoors, allowing you/your athletes to train anywhere, anytime.
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