Core Velocity Belt - Pitching & Hitting System


Why 500+ College Programs and 25 MLB Organizations Trust Using The Core Velocity Belt…. But Made For Pitchers & Hitters Over The Age Of 10 Years Old!


Here’s how The Core Velocity Belt works to save you time and get you instant results:  

  1. Starting With Your Very First Throw, RePrograms Your ‘Muscle-Memory’…
  2. Puts Your (New) Mechanics On ‘Auto-Pilot’ Forever!”
  3. Engages Your Lower-Half activating every single muscle fiber you didn’t even know existed before strapping it on…
  4. Naturally Loads Your Body The Way Science & Nature Intended

Separates Your Hips From Your Shoulders Like A ‘Rubber-Band’, Spring-Loading Your Body and Giving Your Arm NO CHOICE But To Move Faster, Safer With Less Than 1/3 Of The Effort Required Before!

Core Velocity Belt

Click The Video Below To Meet The World’s Smartest 15U Travel Baseball Coach, Dr. Allen Sills…



Now you know why I believe in The Belt and why 170 NCAA D1 programs and 21 MLB organizations entrust The Belt with BILLIONS of dollars of pitchers and hitters they are fully responsible for… Developing and keeping healthy.

 The solution is simple…

Teach Your Pitcher How To FEEL The Lower-Half Working Effectively And Let The Body Naturally Take Over From There.

3 Reasons The “The Core Velocity Belt” has EXPLODED on the National Scene For Pitchers & Hitters of All Ages!

  1. The Core Velocity Belt instantly makes you aware of how to control your hips to create better direction, giving your arm and body a much greater chance of consistently throwing the baseball in the strike zone with added spin and consistency.
  2. The Core Velocity Belt fixes and fine-tunes flaws in your delivery known to cause injury, stress and low levels of performance… without you even thinking about it.
  3. The Core Velocity Belt allows you to FEEL your lower-half engaged, connects your body from head-toe taking the stress off your arm and your mind off mechanics, forever!


 The patented Core Velocity Belt design is One-Size fits, so you’ll never out-grow and have to re-order. 

 And last but not least…

If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied with your investment, return it any time and I’ll refund you every single dime.

Trust what you FEEL! 

**Please note that this system only includes 1 Belt now**

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