5 Steps to Consistent Hitting from the Pro's

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5 Steps to Consistent Hitting from the Pro's - Maximum Velocity Sports

I've been around the game for a long time and was a very consistent hitter that hit for average but did pop some home runs throughout my career. I didn't have my own personal trainer and trained by myself, off a TEE and learned how to be a great hitter.

Since my playing days and now coaching for over 20 years there is one consistency with hitting that is explained below in 5 SIMPLE steps. You need to have excellent swing mechanics to become an excellent hitter. I don't care who is training you because you have to master these 5 steps and you will be one of the best hitters, not only on your team but probably one of the best all-around your area, period! KISS- Keep it Simple Stupid. Two MLB guys that I've learned from also teach hitting the exact same way listed below.

Train focusing on these 5 areas and you're going to turn into an incredible hitter. Below is a frame by frame breakdown on swing mechanics to become a powerful & consistent hitter. Please note: Your stance can be whatever you like but everyone has to do these 5 steps to be a true hitter.

All in one photo to hang up next to your tee work area

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