The Next Big Thing - Train with what the MLB uses

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The Next Big Thing - Train with what the MLB uses - Maximum Velocity Sports

Joey Gallo & Drew Robinson Texas Rangers, Mike Dunn Colorado Rockies & TJ White Minnesota Twins, as well as over 200 colleges, have adapted their coaching strategies incorporating this powerful tool. This tool is an essential part of perfect practice for all infielders.

 Maximum Velocity Sports - Professional Fielding Aid

What Does It do:

  • The Libke Pro by Maximum Velocity Sports creates the perfect glove presentation. The defensive glove position requires an angle that is fundamental to every player’s success. This modest looking, yet powerful device trains the player to feel with certainty at which degree this angle lies. Thus enabling players to execute a play with better timing, rhythm, and precision.
  • This tool also conditions the fielding position through maintaining eyes low to the ground, incorporating motion and reading the hop that the player will field. The Libke Pro ensures that the muscle memory obtained through practice is impeccable and consistent when translated into the game.
  • This tool ensures consistency, as it builds exact angles and precise timing. The tool affirms body posture into an athletic stance to maintain the right position, and the glove hand prepares to receive even the toughest throw with a soft motion. The Libke Pro is the only tool that trains players in this essential technique. The Libke Pro also improves a player’s footwork when fielding ground balls. The right angle presented through the Libke Pro and throughout the whole of the body, ensuring proper mechanics.

Maximum Velocity Sports - Professional Fielding Aid


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