Training at Home...the ugly TRUTH...stay ahead of your competition...

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Training at Home...the ugly TRUTH...stay ahead of your competition... - Maximum Velocity Sports

Hi everyone,

We are going through a global event that we are still processing and trying to wrap our heads around! We here at Maximum Velocity Sports are teachers and coaches adjusting to our new normal for the next few weeks or even months also! While schoolwork should be everyone's first priority there is a big opportunity for athletes to train and separate themselves from their competition!

I am a high school varsity baseball coach and have coached at the varsity level for over 20 consecutive years as well as a travel baseball coach. In those years, I have been involved with 1000's of athletes and have a vast knowledge of the game inside and out. My goal during this extended period of time while confined to my home and my personal indoor facility will be to provide as many instructional strategies(mental & physical) to help you get better every day!

I believe this is a golden opportunity for today's players to learn how to train on their own no matter what spacing restraints you have. If you have a bedroom, you can be doing something to maintain your skills and to get better.

We live in a world where everyone thinks they need a personal coach nowadays to get better and tell you what they are doing wrong. I firmly believe the opposite! With the outbreak of COVID-19, I think everyone should have noticed something quite interesting...the majority of the country has been told to limit contact with other individuals to slow the outbreak. What I have noticed in my area and across the country is some of the training facilities are staying open and having players continue to come in for training. I believe that fact single-handedly shows you money is their #1 priority and not you as a player. Just my opinion but there are probably many other high school and college coaches that will agree. Actually, I know they agree because the majority of my inner circle is coaches at all levels.

Our goal during this hiatus from organized baseball and beyond is to offer you the drills, advice, coaching advice/strategies and training aides that will make you better over the next few weeks, months and your baseball career. We will only offer products we use and those that we believe add true value to you as a baseball or softball player. Even after this passes, we plan to continue offering as many tips and strategies related to the game as possible. These tips and strategies will also apply to coaches at all levels.

Maximum Velocity Sports is a family run business that has 4 school-aged children and our time is very limited. This nationwide shut down of schools/businesses has freed up time for us to focus on our original goal of maximizing the athletic potential of all athletes.

Here are some recommendations that can help you begin separating yourself from the competition.

Did you hear...The Backspin Tee has listened to its customers and has developed the most affordable Backspin Tee ever made. The PRO-LITE model was just released last week. We are very big advocates of The Backspin Tee but please note that we also believe traditional tees offer a lot of value as well.

Why do we like the Backspin Tee so much:

1. It allows you a different perspective on the baseball. The bottom half of the baseball is the part of the ball that has to be hit to receive a positive launch angle. Launch Angles are grossly misunderstood right now but future e-mails will go more into depth about understanding launch angles.

2. It will reduce the amount of rollovers and produce more line drive hits leading to more hits and most likely more extra-base hits.

Backspin Tee PRO-LITE only $139.95

Backspin Tees

Keep your fielding skills up to par with the ultimate ANYWHERE balls...Smushballs.

  • These balls will not damage ANYTHING!
  • Throw them off your walls, barehanded, to develop incredible balls handling skills
  • Nowhere to hit? - these can be hit off all tees including the Backspin Tee INDOORS & will not damage anything
  • One drawback- mom & dad hearing you hit/throw balls off the walls will drive them up the
  • Seriously, these balls are a very inexpensive way to develop you into an Elite fielder.



IMPORTANT- To develop into a better player, you need to do things correctly and on a consistent basis. Doing a drill over and over wrong is not going to make you better. Make sure you're focusing 100%, digesting the feedback from your body and YOU are figuring out how to do it right.

If you need any help or assistance with anything please e-mail us directly at We strive to answer all questions within 24 hours. We're here to help with ANY question you need answered.

Stay safe and Stay Healthy...Stay home but start TODAY by separating yourself from the competition(after your homework is done).

Thank you,

Coach Kane

Owner/Teacher/Veteran Coach


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