The Future of Bullpen Sessions....

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The Future of Bullpen Sessions.... - Maximum Velocity Sports

Maximum Velocity Sports - PowerMaxx

  • Do you want to Maximize Bullpens Sessions Pitch by Pitch?
  • Do you want to reduce the stress on your arm?
  • Do you want to increase the efficiency and velocity of your pitching mechanics?
  • Do you want to throw more strikes?

If the answer is YES then READ ON because below is a revolutionary product that is going to change the game in pitching forever....

COMING SOON... The PowerMaxx 

PowerMaxx Sports, Inc is proud to announce a revolutionary new and innovative device that will objectively measure the ground force separation of a baseball or softball pitcher. The PowerMaxx will give each pitcher a numerical value that will tell him or her if their kinetic chain is being accessed properly to produce proper efficiency, power, and control at home plate. Effectively telling them if they are "on time" in their pitching delivery. It will also tell the pitcher if they are repeating their delivery.

The PowerMaxx has been in testing for 7 years and has measured players from an 8-year-old female softball pitcher to a current multi-time, Major League All-Star and World Series Champion pitcher. It works for all ages, sizes and abilities.

It has been developed by past and present Major League pitchers, former Minor League Professional pitchers and former College pitching coaches. There is no other device like it on the market presently. The PowerMaxx will be ready for sale in late Winter or early Spring 2019.

Please email us at for further information.

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