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My name is Chuckie Platt and I am the newest member of Maximum Velocity Sports and I hail from the great state of Texas. After a successful career at Santa Fe High School my  pitching endeavors landed me at Alvin Community College and then Lamar University. In 2006 the Chicago Cubs selected me in the 23rd Round of the MLB Draft. I played 3 seasons with the Cubs, I jumped from level to level failing to reach the Show. After my playing career was over I went to work in oil and gas like most Texans do. While I  worked I got involved early with the youth sports scene as my youngest started to play baseball. As years went by I got deeper and deeper involved and began to notice a lack of developmental programs for young baseball players. I kept grinding and then decided to use my network and resources to try and elevate the focus on positive growth. I got involved with MVS because we share the same mission and vision. I will be blogging 2-3 times a week and we will focus on Positive Performance Coaching which provides great growth tips, concepts products etc. It will be a great blog to find ways and specifics needed to elevate anybody's role in the game of baseball.

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