Hitters Checklist

Hitters Checklists - Hitting Skills Checklist 1.Learn how to take batting practice, Mental Approach 

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Hitters Checklist - Maximum Velocity Sports

Hitting Skills Checklist

  1. Learn how to take batting practice
  2. Learn how to take a pitch
  3. Know how to Bunt
  4. Able to handle outside pitch
  5. Able to handle inside pitch
  6. Able to handle low pitch
  7. Able to handle high pitch
  8. Hitting up the middle
  9. Hitting to the opposite field
  10. Hitting to the pull side
  11. Hitting ahead in the count
  12. Hitting behind in the count
  13. Know how to execute Hit and run
  14. Know how to move runners up
  15. Know how to get runner in from third with less than two outs-infield in, infield back
  16. Hitting off-speed pitches
  17. Hitting for power
  18. Consistent solid contact

Mental Approach

  1. Know the strike zone
  2. Know the type of hitter you are
  3. Know the type of pitches you hit best
  4. Know the pitcher you are facing
  5. Know his best pitch or out pitch
  6. Know the game situation
  7. Know the weather conditions
  8. Learn how to anticipate the pitch
  9. Formulate a plan
  10. Have a routine


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