HITTING @ 9 o'clock vs 3 o'clock...Tee Work Tip #1

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HITTING @ 9 o'clock vs 3 o'clock...Tee Work Tip #1 - Maximum Velocity Sports

HITTING @ 9 o'clock vs 3 o'clock...Tee Work Tip #1

Begin separating yourself from your competition on every swing off the tee. Like we have said in the past, putting in the work doesn't mean anything if you're not doing it right. Just hitting pointlessly off the tee doesn't make you better. You need to focus on at least one thing every time you practice.

This drill will not only maximize your tee work but will have you focusing on a VERY important detail, which will lead to more consistent barreled balls, more hits, and eventually more power. Almost every time I watch players hitting off the tee or live in games the majority of hitters are hitting the wrong part of the baseball. That's why there are so many 6-3 put outs!

Why is this? Simple answer...most people just don't know any better. This should be done every time you hit off a tee until the day you stop playing baseball.

This is so simple but so often overlooked...work at 9 o'clock, hit the ball harder and more consistently.

Take a look at this picture(picture a clock in your head). 9 o'clock will soon be your most favorite time!

Engrain this picture into your head the next time you put a ball on a Traditional Tee or a Backspin Tee and when hitting Live.

Every time you hit a baseball you should be focusing on hitting the ball at 9 o'clock

What does hitting at 9 o'clock do:

  1. Keeps your head, hands and body to stay inside the ball
  2. 9 o'clock hitting will connect your whole body which will increase barreled balls, consistently harder hit balls and eventually more power.
  3. Move your tee position to understand how to hit this way on all pitch positions
  4. No matter where the ball is pitched you need to hit the ball at 9 o'clock.
  5. Whether you're using a Traditional batting tee or a Backspin Batting Teeyou must also focus on the bottom half of the baseball. On path bottom half should also be your best friend while doing tee work.

What most hitters do - Hit at 3 o'clock

Hitting at 3 o'clock leads to one thing - a PUT-OUT and most likely to the shortstop. Hitting at 3 o'clock means you have casted, not stayed inside the ball, have rolled over and will be hanging up your helmet on the fence waiting for your next at-bat.

FINAL THOUGHT - do you really need a coach to walk you through this? I hope not! Learn to train by yourself and get yourself better by training solo and focusing on the correct little things that mean so much in this game.

KISS - KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID! Don't over complicate tee work and coaches please don't over coach. Remember KISS...your players will love you for it and the success of your players on the field will thrive.

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