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Pitchers Fielding Practice - PFPs - Maximum Velocity Sports

Pitching - Fielding


When you have finished delivering the pitch your follow through should put you in a good position to field the ball. Have your hands out in front of you and ready.

Ball Hit Directly At You

If there are no runners on base, catch the ball and take a few steps to get off the mound. This will save you from the embarrassment of catching your cleats in the divots that are naturally made on the mound. Once you have done this, set yourself and make a good throw to first.

The same will apply with runners on base but you are still making the play at first. If you are going to throw the ball to second, third, or home, you won't have the time to take the extra steps. Just be careful to lift your feet when you make your throwing motion.


You will be required to field bunts on both the third base side and first base side depending on the situation. When a good bunt is laid down, don't worry about trying to get the lead runner, simply focus on trying to get an out at first. Concentrate on fielding the ball first and then throwing.

Covering First

You must cover first base on all ground balls hit to the first baseman. You should also cover first on ground balls to second when the first baseman has to leave his position. When covering first, you don't want to run in a straight line to first base. It is very difficult to run with your back to the play, turn quickly at first and catch the ball. So, when covering first, run towards the first base line about 20 feet from first base. As you get close to the line you want to round off the corner and start heading toward first. This will put you in position to see the play and make the catch on the run if necessary.

Covering Home

Don't be a spectator with a runner on third base. You must be ready to cover home plate on all passed balls and wild pitches. The catcher is going to bust his butt to get to that ball as quickly as possible to save a run, do your part by running quickly in to cover home.

Backing Up

Overthrows will happen from the outfield and cutoff men on plays to both third and home. Expect an overthrow by backing up third and home on any throws from the outfield to those bases.

As a pitcher these will help keep runners from scoring or advancing which is thr name of the game.

Chuckie Platt

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