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Coaching Program Philosophies: What to expect from the coaching staff of a successful athletic program and/or high level club team 1. To be accountable for all actions. 2. To handle all 

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Program Expectations - Maximum Velocity Sports

Program Philosophies:

What to expect from the coaching staff of a successful athletic program and/or high level club team  

1. To be accountable for all actions.

2. To handle all situations with honor and integrity.

3. To run an organized program that will run efficiently.

4. To create/maintain an atmosphere that is conducive to work.

5. To listen to any and all suggestions.

6. To appropriately delegate responsibility and authority.

7. To work and provide leadership to win.

8. To treat all individuals with dignity and respect.

9. To be loyal to the program.

10. To always have a positive coaching style.

11. To allow all individuals to work within their own personality.

12. To never put his own needs above the needs of the team.

What we expect from the assistant coaches

1. To be the very best teacher of the game you can be.

2. To always be early to all team practices, staff meetings, and school functions.

3. To be a positive role model.

4. To sell and defend the program.

5. To do everything possible to develop a “winning” team attitude.

6. Work to better yourself as a coach. Maintain, sustain, and develop new innovative ways of coaching, teaching, and communicating.

7. To be a professional in attitude, responses, work, and personal appearance.

8. To be sincerely interested in the successes of our players both on and off the field.

9. Never give up on a player. He can always change and likely will if given the chance.

10. To always be positive and never doubt that we will be successful.

11. To be loyal to the program.

12. To be creative and have the ability to apply gained knowledge to game situations.

13. To be on the same page as the coaching staff when taking the practice or game field.

14. Never get complacent as the season goes on. Don’t let the little things slide when it comes to the discipline of our players. This is how bad habits are formed.

15. To always have a plan. Be organized.

16. Have a positive but demanding coaching style.

17. Always be optimistic.

What we expect from our Student-Athletes

1. To give their very best effort toward their education.

2. Do the right thing...always!

3. Always give their best effort in the classroom, on the field, and at home.

4. To be early, not just on time.

5. Hustle and give the best effort possible.

6. To know their assignments. Be students of the game.

7. Abide by team and school rules.

8. Make sacrifices for the team each individual is only as good as the team.

9. Be a role model for all on campus.

10. Be polite. Address all school administrators, teachers, staff, coaches, and game officials as “Sir” or “Ma’am”.

11. Sit in the first two rows of the classroom.

12. Be accountable for your class work. If absent contact teachers and coaches that day.

13. Do not make excuses. You and you alone are responsible for your own actions. Be accountable.

14. Set goals and work to achieve them.

15. If you are absent from school, then you do not attend practice until all school work is made up or scheduled to be made up. Take care of your priorities.

16. Hold each other accountable for our team goals.

17. Be prepared. 

18. Be proud of your school/team. Make every effort to attend all school functions and support all sports teams and extra-curricular activities.

19. All players must attend team dinner the night before the game. Missing this is equal to missing a practice.(if applicable)

20. Be a role model on campus.

21. Be active in the community. Let everyone know what our school is about. Invite them to games. Show your pride.

22. Attend class and give your best effort. Remember you are a Student-Athlete. The student comes first.

23. Do not be discouraged. You are here to learn, not be perfect.

24. Play with Character- “Play as well as you can for as long as you can”

25. Play with Pride- “Know that your teammates won’t quit on you when it gets tough”

26. Be mentally Tough- “Accept discomfort and deal with it”

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