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Blast Motion and Diamond Kinetics high tech devices offer a laundry list of information and an app that all looks awesome.

The Problem is:

  1. What do you do with all that data?
  2. Do you even understand what that data means?
  3. How much of this data do you really need?

...the common answer is the majority of us really don't need all this high-tech data. We just need two really important #'s...Exit Velocity and Launch Angle.


This new APP called the Launch Angle Pro App is 100% FREE and gives you the best data to get better fast. Available on iOS & Android devices.

The Launch Angle Pro App takes two #'s - Exit Velocity + Launch Angle AND calculates the Estimated Distance & Time the Ball will be in the air.

  • Immediately know how far you can hit a ball and how long it's going to be in the air
  • Knowing these two numbers will immediately have you focusing and training more effectively.

What if you don't know your Exit Velocity?

The following two products will record exit velocity but if you know anyone with a radar gun see if you can borrow to capture your exit velocity. These radar guns are the cheapest and most accurate on the market and very easy & convenient to use:

Smart Coach - capture exit velocity swing by swing. They have a separate app that will audibly & continuously tell your exit velocity after every swing and will store your entire batting practice session.

Pocket Radar - capture exit velocity swing by swing. No app included

Want to train Exit Velocity and Launch Angle at the same time?

Combine a Smart Coach & Launch Angle Pro to truly maximize your training.

Watch this tutorial video to see what we're talking about in action

Smart Coach & Launch Angle Pro - Tutorial

So, can you hit a Homerun? Get this FREE app and find out. Then tailor your training to your strengths! Btw...homeruns just happen. Develop correct swing mechanics and when you get the right pitch, combined with the correct launch angle & exit velocity then you get home runs. Don't train for home runs but train be a consistent hitter & the home runs will just happen.

Be safe and Train with a purpose!

Thanks for reading


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