Ground Force = Power & Velocity

Ground Force = Power & Velocity

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Ground Force = Power & Velocity - Maximum Velocity Sports

We here at Maximum Velocity Sports specialize in baseball/softball and it's not often we come across products that work as well and as quickly as this product. Take a look at this video...incredible improvement using a training device for a short period of time. Power and Energy are created from the ground up and this device creates explosive hitting and pitching power for baseball and softball players. 

Currently, used by more than 80% of MLB clubs today and by hundreds of colleges around the world.
 If you are looking to take your game to the next level our products are just what you need.


King of the Swing

Maximum Velocity Sports - King of the Swing


Queen of the Hill

Queen of the Hill

King of the Hill 

Maximum Velocity Sports - King of the Hill


Maximum Velocity Sports

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