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There is a lot of debate about The Revolutionary Backspin Batting Tee but this summarizes the benefits you receive with this Elite Baseball Tee.

Here are the benefits of using a backspin tee & please note we are not saying this is a replacement to your regular baseball tees. This is an incredible new baseball tee that focuses "On Path Bottom Half"

  • Backspin Tees provide a different perspective vs traditional tees
  • Backspin Tees do not create uppercut swings nor are they designed to create an uppercut swing
  • Backspin Tees have you focus on the bottom half of the ball to increase line drives and launch angles
  • Creating a better launch angle increases the distance the ball will travel based on your swing speed
  • Instantaneous feedback so the hitter can make adjustments to perfect the correct swing path
  • The is an Elite Training Tool that is changing the game and comes with a lifetime warranty!!! You will never have to purchase another one!!!
  • Learn More by clicking HERE

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