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Drill Set Up: Divide the team up; one player on First Base, half the players will line up at the short stop position, and the rest of the players will line up at home plate.

The players at home are the "slow grounders".  Each have a ball.

The Drill: Roll slow grounders to fielder (at shortstop) who run to field ball and throw to the 1st Baseman.

After throwing to 1st Base, the fielder runs to end of line at home plate (slow grounders).

Once the "slow grounders" have rolled the ball, they go to fielder line (short stop) after rolling.

Coaching:  This drills is to teach the fielders to move toward the ball and not wait on the ball.  Grounders come at all different speed, and the slow grounders can be as difficult to throw out as the hard hit one.

Challenge: How many consecutive outs can the team...

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