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Maximum Velocity Sports 1st in a 5 part series on Baseball Swing Mechanics exclusively provided by Pro Baseball Insider.

Baseball Swing Mechanics - Part 1

Rhythm is part 1 of the baseball swing.  It provides the relaxed readiness that is essential to a well-timed swing.  Good rhythm allows for quick reactions that will have you making contact with the baseball more often.


Rhythm is an important part of the baseball swing and timing

SWB Yankee Brandon Laird is relaxed and rhythmic before the pitch. Image by Frank Lauri.

(The baseball swing, Stage 1)

In every sport, before a quick action, relaxation and rhythm precedes your explosive move.

Example: When a tennis player is returning a serve, or a basketball player is defending in a one on one situation, each defender is relaxed and waiting to explode.

In other words, it’s is the movement that helps keep the hitter on his toes and ready, but loose and not rigid or tense.

Why rhythm is important:  This idea is the same for hitting. Once you get into your stance, the slight movement in your hands and legs will help to keep you relaxed and under control. This helps us not get too stiff or mechanical when we start our swing.

The bottom line is…

You are quicker and more in control of your body if you have rhythm and are relaxed.

This means better bat speed, and better reactions and adjustments in the split seconds you have before contact.

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