Launch Angle Calculator - What is the Optimal Launch Angle?

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We have been coaching for over 20 years and we are all being overloaded with data, data and more data. It's an amazing time to be a baseball player with everything we have available to make us better baseball players. The problem we have identified is what does all of this mean??!

Launch Angle & Exit Velocity are definitely the buzz words nowadays but does everyone really understand how to use this data to get better? 

A common misconception is if you hit a baseball at the correct launch angle you're going to hit the ball farther and hit more home runs. This is technically true only if you can hit the baseball at an exit velocity greater than 90mph. If you're not registering an exit velocity higher than 90mph then you need to focus on the correct launch angles and exit velocities so you become better.

We have really noticed this problem at the youth and high school levels. Younger players just do not have the exit velocities to hit home runs except for a few kids who are bigger and stronger for their age or they are exceptionally advanced. 

We decided to create a launch angle - exit velocity and distance calculator so everyone can see how far they can actually hit a baseball. We believe after viewing this chart you will have a better understanding of where you currently are as a baseball player and how you need to train to maximize your ability as a hitter. We are not tech guys but this calculator is simple to use and will give you some better insight to understand this terminology and incorporate it into your game.


Click Here Launch Angle Calculator

Calculator works properly only on a desktop computer after download

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