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Why Should We
Make a Fun Baseball Practice

Kids Either Love Practice or Dread it.

Fun Baseball Practice: If it were my child I would MUCH rather their baseball coach is a better practice coach than a game coach. 


'Let the Kids Fish'


The games are for the kids. The best coaches teach the players how to fish and turn them loose to go fishing.

I would rather my child’s coach would do like the pro baseball managers and coaches do and just stay out of the kid’s way during the ballgames.

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Best Coaches Know
Building 'baseball touches' in Fun Baseball Practice


Baseball Practice is where the kids really develop. Especially if the coach is on the ball and understands the basics of putting together a fast-moving practice template.

Yes, practice is where the kids get to touch the ball, swing the bat and play mini competitions and get to play small scrimmages.

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Baseball ‘Touches’


Ball handling, catching, fielding, throwing, and hitting are all components that good players should practice multiple times when they are on the field.

Games do not provide enough ‘touches’ for kids to propel their skills. Games are a nice way to compete as a team and see how you measure to your opponents.

But best baseball practice is where the big strides show up in overall skill improvement.


Watch the Pros

How Much do Pro and College Practice?


Pro and college players play a lot of games. BUT, they also practice before those games often for an hour or two.

Why? Because they need to ‘touch’ the ball to get better. For every hour playing games often one or more hours is spent practicing.


A Really Good Practice Coach is Gold:

This is why a strong practice coach is way more valuable to a kid’s career than a game coach.

I want my child to spend twice as much time practicing in a well-run, fast paced fun baseball practice than spending time at games.

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'Hoopla' around Games

Are You 'Cheating' Your Players?

It is very exciting for kids and parents to get all up into the ‘hoopla’ of rec ball games and local tournaments. In the ‘big’peoples’ minds they feed off the game frenzy.

The majority of real player development happens at baseball practice.

If your child’s team does not spend at least the same amount of time practicing as playing games then they are getting 'cheated 'out of their baseball ‘touches’.

Kids have to get their ‘touches’.  Click to see how to maximize ‘touches’.




If You Can Make
Baseball Practice Fun You Are 'Gold'

Secret to Great Practice Coaching

The best way to make a fun baseball practice is to use the 3-Team-format practice plan. 

What are the benefits of using the 3-Team-format?

  • Players get more 'touches'
  • Players stay on task.
  • Players compete in small mini-competitions
  • Players play small scrimmages every practice.
  • ALL Players are completely occupied during Batting Practice
  • ALL Players enjoy coming to practice.
  • Coaches are less prone to kids fooling around.

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Coaching Challenge

Practice More = Play Less Games

Player improvement is often linked to the amount of on-field practice time. I notice too many teams that focus almost solely on games—hence, little improvement over the season.

Measure twice—cut it once. (practice twice – play once)

In a perfect world I would rather my child practice 2 times as much as playing games. If they play a 2-hour game during the week than they should try to practice up three or four hours during the week.

That is the goal. Sure, it is not easy to fit in practices, but this should be the target—to play less games and increase the time practicing.

Coaches need Coaching

We have too many organizations that have not trained coaches how to operate a decent practice.


Don't be that 'Guy' that yells at kids for 90 minutes and cannot plan a baseball practice which includes a lot of fun drills. 



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