Throwing accuracy = OUTS! Here’s how you do it right

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Throwing accuracy = OUTS! Here’s how you do it right


Playing, coaching and being around the game for decades has led me to see flaws of the basics in players.

First, as we all know, the game requires throwing a ball and throwing the ball accurately. In order to consistently throw a ball accurately you need to have correct throwing mechanics for many reasons but most importantly to reduce arm injuries and to get OUTS!

To have success with this game requires consistency of the basics and throwing accurately should be a skill that is mastered.

So how do you master throwing accurately? Follow these simple steps:

  1. Whenever you throw your elbow should always be above your shoulder
  2. Lay out a string on the ground and make sure you stay on that string so you stay straight
  3. Make sure you tuck your glove into your heart when throwing
  4. FOLLOW YOUR THROW – at release allow the momentum of your body to continue moving forward towards your target for a few more steps(this is where the string helps best).

Follow these 4 simple steps every time you throw a ball and watch your accuracy increase dramatically which will lead to more outs.

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