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Key Points to establish a positive and effective coaching environment for your teams. Follow these guidleines and watch the improvment...

  • Give your athletes a voice – show them that you are ready to listen and act upon it.

  • Kids respond to responsibility.

  • The first 5 minutes of a session are so important.

  • Learn how to make practice into play. Disguise repetition as play.

  • Find out what “fun” means to your athletes.

  • The ability to switch to Plan B, C or D while remaining composed it a vital skill when coaching.

  • Sporting success at an early age must be kept in perspective.

  • You don’t have to be talking to be coaching.

  • How the coach reacts to mistakes will influence how the athletes react to mistakes.

  • Teach kids to treat failure like a speed hump, not a road block.

  • Simplicity & clarity are so important when coaching kids.

  • One of the keys to coaching kids is to not take yourself too seriously. Make time to laugh & have some fun.

  • Ask kids what they most enjoyed about your coaching session. It is invaluable and may surprise you.

  • Ask the athletes what they learned and where they improved during a session. Remind them of this a the beginning of the next session.

  • Be clear about your purpose as a coach.

  • Document your coaching standards and beliefs in a way that can be clearly articulated.

  • You need to develop a strong coaching philosophy.

  • Communicate your philosophy and ensure your coaching reflects this philosophy.


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