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Hitting Drill - Maximum Velocity Sports

Batting Drill - Hitting to all Fields

Purpose:  Working on bat control and hitting the ball where it’s pitched.

Drill Set-Up: The field will need to be set up for batting practice with a screen protecting the BP pitcher. Place cones halfway between first and second base, as well as between second and third base. You will need a bucket of baseballs for the pitcher.

The Drill: Each batter will get twelve pitches in this drill. The first four should be hit to the right field side of the cone between first and second. The next four should be hit up the middle between the two cones. The last four swings should be hit down the left field line. The BP pitcher should be trying to help the batter by throwing pitches that can be hit in the proper direction.

Make it a Game: To make this a competitive drill, have a coach keeping score for each batter. Give one point for a ground ball hit in the proper direction, and two points for a line drive. No points are scored for pop-ups/fly balls, even if they are in the correct direction. The player with the most points after a set number of rounds is the winner.

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