10 Simple Steps to be a Better Hitter

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  1. AVOID 2 STRIKE COUNTS – you will be a better hitter! PERIOD
  2. Swing at Strikes Only
  3. Avoid off-speed pitches until you have 2 strikes
  4. Look fastball – adjust for off-speed
  5. Visualize Success at every at bat
  6. Have a “Hit the Ball Hard” Mentality with every at-bat.
  7. Learn from every at-bat; then move on
  8. Game Awareness- what is your approach to the game situation?
  9. Approach each at-bat with the confidence that you’re prepared and have a weapon in your hands.
  10. Win the Battle, Whatever it Takes!

Practice Good Habits- On-Deck, Cage, Tee, Field, Charting, Pre-Game, etc…

Training Aids that actually will make you a better hitter

Backspin Tees - On Path Bottom Half

 PowerChute Baseball/Softball - INCREASE YOUR BAT SPEED 10 MPH IN 60 SECONDS OR LESS - 

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